Coriander is not a vegetable but a healing medicine

Coriander is not a vegetable but a healing medicine

Coriander is a popular herb, which is considered a vegetable. Although it is not cooked as a separate vegetable, it is definitely added to the curry. Everyone eats it every day, both seeds and leaves are used. It is used as a spice and his temper is cold and dry. In curry its leaves are used for fragrance. It is eaten as a green leaf in salads and its leaf sauce is also made. It contains vitamin c. Coriander contains potassium calcium copper Iron zinc vitamin b, c and magnesium.Coriander juice contains compounds that, when added to the bloodstream, increase insulin and lower blood sugar levels. 

Maintains cholesterol levels

If you are worried about rising cholesterol levels in your body, then the solution to this problem has been put in coriander leaves for you by nature.Coriander prevents cholesterol levels from rising in your body.

It also controls sugar

If you suffer from high blood pressure, use it, which can benefit you. Its leaves contain compounds called cholinergic and calcium, which maintain blood circulation. 

Used in skin diseases

Its seeds have the ability to control various skin diseases such as red rashes and dryness on the body. Gargling with coriander water can not only get rid of mouth ulcers but also prevent mouth ulcers. 

Eliminate indigestion

It can help you if you suffer from indigestion. Rich in various nutrients, coriander improves digestive function by strengthening the stomach. 

How important coriander is for beauty

Make a mixture of 2 tablespoons coriander and 1 tablespoon lemon juice and apply it on dark lips at night. Doing so will return your black lips to their original shape. Mix its seed powder in oil and apply it on the head twice a week. This tip will not only stop your hair from falling out but will also strengthen their roots.

Coriander is not a vegetable but a healing medicine

Nature has kept it as small as possible in terms of price,The benefits are just as great.below we learn more about the benefits of coriander.
It quenches thirst and quenches vomiting and is good for the stomach.

Cools and calms the heart and mind

It is beneficial to use dried coriander powder for a week to control the Psychological desires

In case of hot mouth and sore throat, it is beneficial to gargle by boiling it in water.

Eating coriander makes you sleepy.

If the lips are cracked, grinding it in oil gives relief.

Mixing its powder with a little sugar helps to get rid of alcoholism.

In children's abdominal pain ,one gram of it gives relief from pain

In case of urinary incontinence, It is beneficial to use the powder mixed with water and sugar.

Eating coriander after eating onion removes the smell of onion.

When and who should not use coriander


People who lack male potency should never use it. Dried coriander is a common thing, but its benefits are many. If you use it a lot, it can have some disadvantages because it is cold, so it should not be used too much in cold weather.Coriander is diuretic.Be sure to see your doctor before using any home remedies.

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