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9 Types of milk their benefits and disadvantages

milk  their benefits and disadvantages

Milk is delicate and easily digestible food. It contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, and salt. the quality of milk of different animals varies, and the quality of milk of an animal depends on its age, diet, and health. so we have mentioned the milk of different animals that you can know which milk is good. however, milk should be protected from flies and dust.don't put it in a smelly place or a patient's room at all, because milk absorbs the germs of cholera, dysentery, and other diseases much faster than all other foods. here we describe 9 types of milk with their benefits and disadvantages.

Different types of milk and their benefits and disadvantages 

1-buffalo,s milk
2-Cow's milk
3-Goat's milk
4-Camel's milk
5-Donkey's milk
6-Horse's milk
7-Sheep's milk
8-Deer milk
9-Mother's milk

Let's see from different research what are the benefits of all these types of milk? and how these kinds of milk are naturally beneficial to human health, and what role they naturally play in maintaining our health, beauty, and fitness.

9 Types of milk  their benefits and disadvantages

Buffalo,s milk

There are different names for buffalo milk, such as haleeb in Arabic, sheer gao in Persian, and buffalo milk in English. It is white in color and has a sweet and pleasant taste. its temperament is mild, heavy, and easily digested.

  • This milk is nutritious and it is better to drink it vigorously.
  • Produces blood.
  • Beneficial for hemorrhoids.
  • Being heavy harms stomach patients so those with poor digestion should avoid buffalo milk.
  • For those who do mental work, buffalo milk is not useful.
  • Produces mucus, so people with mucus temperament should drink cardamom in milk.
  • There are many benefits to drinking direct milk from buffalo nostrils.
  • The best time to drink milk is in the evening or the morning, rather than at night, because the milk is not fully digested at bedtime, and care should be taken not to overheat it.
  • Buffalo milk is high in vitamin D.
  • If there is acidity in the stomach, it is useful to drink skim milk in the morning and evening.

9 Types of milk  their benefits and disadvantages

2-Cow's milk

There are different names for cow's milk which are label al-baqar in Arabic,sheer gao in Persian, and cow's milk in English. Its color is white, its taste is sweet and its temperament is mild. the benefits of cow's milk are given below.

  • Easy to digest and multi-foods.
  • Brightens the complexion and opens the pores.
  • Strengthens the brain.
  • Forgetting obsessions and delusions.
  • The substance produces fertility, nourishes the heart, and produces blood.
  • The use of warm milk is extremely useful in injuries.
  • The protein needed in the process of Increase height, which contains a chemical called lysin, It is most commonly found in cow's milk, It is contained in milk at a rate of 7.61 %.
  • People who have a strong odor in their urine have high levels of uric acid in their bodies. Cow's milk in particular and the rest of the milk, in general, do not allow uric acid to build up in the body.
  • For those who are mentally active, consuming half a kilo of cow's milk daily is extremely beneficial.
  • Accelerates eyesight because it is high in vitamins A and D.
  • Cow's milk is better than buffalo's milk because cow's milk contains more substances that are absorbed by the body and make it active.
  • Cow's milk contains iodine, which has not yet been discovered in buffalo's milk.
  • The fat of cow's milk is more digestible.
  • To prevent hair loss, heat, and cool the cow's milk. then massage on the scalp for five minutes. after half an hour, wash the head with soap, this stops the hair from falling out.
  • A glass of cow's milk should be used daily to keep human hair, teeth, nails, and eyes in good condition.
  • The best cow's milk is the one whose baby is four months old, such milk is sweet, easily digestible, purifies the blood, and nourishes.

9 Types of milk  their benefits and disadvantages

3-Goat's milk

Goat's milk is called laban al-makher in Arabic and goat's milk in English. dosage and dose, half a kilo in the morning and evening the benefits of this milk are described below.

  • It is delicious and brightens the complexion.
  • Useful in cough.
  • Grief removes horror and embarrassment.
  • Warm fresh milk corrects urinary obstruction.
  • Heals bladder wounds.
  • This milk is very useful for hot-tempered people.
  • If you have a sore throat, it is very useful to hold this milk in your throat for a while.
  • Goat's milk also contains the mineral salt sodium. this salt dissolves toxins inside the body and eliminates them through the kidneys and bladder.
  • This milk is extremely useful for relieving the dryness of the body.
  • Drinking goat's milk softens the skin and is a natural gift, especially for ladies.
  • This milk is very useful for removing facial shadows and acne.
  • It is better than any other animal's milk for purifying blood.
  • This milk should always be boiled and used.
  • It has a good amount of iron and is beneficial for asthma patients.
  • This milk prevents bleeding in saliva or vomiting, relieves heartburn, and eliminates all stomach ailments.
  • Butter extracted from goat's milk is very beneficial for TB patients.
  • In case of vomiting of blood, drinking sandal red mixed with goat's milk cures it.

9 Types of milk  their benefits and disadvantages

4-Camel's milk

Camel's milk is called camel's milk in English, its color is white, its temperament is dry and warm. It tastes slightly salty. the amount of food is up to half a kilo. the benefits of camel's milk are given below.

  • Drinking this milk strengthens eyesight. It can also be injected into the eyes as medicine.
  • Drinking camel's milk mixed with herbal sugar relieves asthma.
  • Heals internal wounds and heals inflammation of the liver.
  • Increases energy and gives strength to the body.
  • It brightens the complexion and softens the skin by massaging the body.
  • Removes obstruction of urination and menstruation.
  • This milk is light and easily digested, eliminates indigestion, and increases appetite.
  • Extremely useful in cough and spleen diseases.
  • To get rid of hair dryness, it is very useful to make camel's milk yogurt and apply it on the hairs and sit in the sun for an hour.

9 Types of milk  their benefits and disadvantages

5-Donkey's milk

Donkey's milk is called ass milk in English. Its color is white and its taste is sweet and its temperament is colder. the amount is tolerable, the benefits of this milk are listed below.

  • It produces moisture and cold.
  • More useful for hot-tempered people.
  • Beneficial for bleeding from the mouth and wounds in the lungs.
  • Makes the body fat and eliminates physical weakness.
  • Beneficial in asthma and cough.
  • Drinking it is useful in headaches, it is also useful in flu.
  • Useful in eye inflammation and pain, most people say that drinking donkey's milk never brings eye disease closer.
  • Removes dryness of hairs and brings sleep.

9 Types of milk  their benefits and disadvantages

6-Horse's milk

Horse milk is called mare milk in English. Its color is white and its taste is slightly sharp and its temperament is warmer. Its drinking amount is 250 grams, the benefits of horse milk are given below.

  • Gives strength, very suitable food for weak persons.
  • Increases appetite,and increases urination.
  • Horse milk is used to make a diet called COMS, which is extremely beneficial in TB disease.
  • It brightens the complexion and brings happiness to the body.
  • A baby who does not have smallpox will be protected from smallpox for up to a year if given this milk.

9 Types of milk  their benefits and disadvantages

7-Sheep's milk

Sheep's milk is called sheep milk in English. Its color is white, its taste is slightly dull and its temperament is warm. Its diet is 250 grams. Its benefits are described below.

  • This milk gives strength to the body and heart and mind.
  • Gives dysentery benefits.
  • Cleanses complexion and removes blemishes.
  • If this milk is taken with almond oil after intercourse, it does not cause weakness.
  • Extremely useful for intestinal ulcers.

9 Types of milk  their benefits and disadvantages

8-Deer milk

Deer's milk is called also deer milk in English. Its color is white and its taste is somewhat salty and its temperament is warmer. the benefits are given below.

  • Increases appetite,and digestion.
  • Urine brings more. breaks kidney and bladder stones and heals internal wounds.
  • Gives strength and brightens the complexion.
  • Very useful for intestinal ulcers if used warm, and re-cooled.

9 Types of milk  their benefits and disadvantages

9-Mother's milk

Mother's milk is called woman milk in English. Its color is white, the taste is slightly sweet and its temperament is mild. Its diet is natural. this milk is not used for patients because the child's upbringing depends on this milk. therefore patients should use this alternative milk only the baby should have the right to breast milk. its benefits are described below.

  • Relieves insomnia.
  • Heals lung wounds and relieves heartburn.
  • Useful in dry cough.
  • Useful in the dryness of mind and insanity.
  • By dripping in the ear, the earache goes away and if there is pus coming from the ear, it is cured by dripping two drops.

Bottom Line

The following are the 9 types of milk and their benefits and disadvantages, this information has been prepared with a lot of effort, but if there is any shortcoming in it, please let us know in the comments.

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