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Cancer is not incurable, so hope for life

Cancer is not incurable, so hope for life

Cancer is essentially hard to treat, but the question is, why?

It is often caused by a number of factors, including many diseases.therefore the treatment of cancer is so difficult because of the presence of different basic groups of diseases.
The fact is that there are many types of cancer, and not many have been discovered.thus far, 100 species have been exposed, which is a large number.It is often caused by an external factor or can be caused by a disease-causing organism.

Factors affecting cancer treatment

There are often a haul with somatic cell treatment; everyone can react differently to them. there is no single cure for all types of cancer ,Its methods are different.
Every individual features a completely different lifestyle.no two individuals have an equivalent life cycle and thus the same activities each day.while some people exercise early within the morning, others could even be sleeping. this is often often why treatment methods differ from person to person.

The body's reaction to the drugs that are provided by the medical practitioner is additionally an important factor.some people may react to cancer medicine well,while others won't.It should be noted that the speed, the number of blood, and thus the patient's overall health are all quite important.

While the patient's body could show positive effects,it'd be the tumor creating the matter.not every tumor reacts to medicines within an equivalent manner as others.hence, there is no single treatment for all kinds of cancer cells.

Common cancer types that are quite prevalent

Breast cancer

it's ranked second within the list of commonest cancers worldwide.It happens in women,and mammograms can detect its presence.sometimes,mammograms can detect them even before they have spread within the entire body.

Skin cancer

The foremost common kind of cancer is carcinoma.It happens when the skin cells grow cancerous,and thus the expansion is uncontrollable.there are three types-basal cell carcinoma, somatic cell carcinoma, and melanoma.melanoma isn't as common because the opposite two, but is that the foremost harmful among them.it's caused the foremost deaths.

Bladder cancer

Transitional cell carcinoma is that the most typical kind of bladder cancer.it is also termed urothelial carcinoma and is kind of harmful.smoking is that the main reason why this cancer develops.


it's when the blood cells develop cancerous cells.there are quite few variations that depend upon the type of blood cells and their growth speed. it is the foremost common kind of cancer in children who are about 15 years aged or less.but, it happens more in adults who are above the age of 55.

In the therapy of these kinds of cancers cancer medicine like abirakast are often quite effective.while many traditional ways have also proved beneficial,tumor removal is completed through drugs or certain surgical methods.

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