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How does using honey change a person?

How does using honey change a person?

Medically, honey is a useful medicine and food.there is healing for people.honey strengthens the mind.its strengthens the heart, brain, stomach and liver.makes the body strong and energetic by removing common physical weakness.It is no less than an egg in increasing strength.If honey is used with milk for fertility, it will be very effective.nourishes the whole body when it is in harmony.as well as being a blood purifier, it also produces blood,and that includes all the red ingredients that must be in pure blood.for the hot temper peoples mixing it with milk or water has a very powerful effect.

The effect of eating honey mixed with different things

Honey is very useful for those who have a phlegmatic temperament.eating it mixed with eggs, carrots and onions gives a lot of strength.its also strengthens digestion and relieves mild constipation.licking a small amount of it after eating helps a lot in digesting food.

Treatment of shortness of breath with honey

According to modern research, if a bowl is filled with honey and placed near the patient's nose in such a way that the air in his nose touches the surface of the honey, then the patient's shortness of breath is relieved in this way.and he seems to breathe deeper than the rest, this soothing effect, although not lasting more than an hour, has an immediate effect.

Use honey for wounds and hangovers

Honey cleanses and heals wounds, as well as dissolves worms. the best ointment is made by mixing honey and fish fat.an ointment made from a mixture of liver and honey was prepared at a hospital in the red cross society of hamburg, and its use on small wounds and hangovers proved very useful.

Commercial Benefits of Honey

In addition to its medicinal benefits, honey has a special significance in the industrial and commercial world, so fresh fruits are preserved in honey.this way all kinds of fruits can be available in every season.

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