Use mint to stay healthy

Use mint to stay healthy

Looking at the green mint leaves gives a pleasant feeling of freshness. Whether you use it in salads or in a cup of tea or grind it into a sauce, its alluring aroma will enchant you.there are several varieties.the mint plant is about 60 to 90 cm tall.the flowers are purple,when the flowers of these plants come,then they are harvested.the greatest virtue of mint is its anti-oxidant and phytonutrient,Which is good for gastrointestinal functions. Mint juice called menthol,gives a feeling of coolness in the mouth.menthol lubricates the stomach which reduces the chances of eliminates acidity and is also good for patients with impaired bowel function.

If the body is injured,then people get balm,an important ingredient is a mint extract.One of the special benefits of mint is that it soothes itchy and infected skin.its paste is useful for acne-prone skin due to its antiseptic properties.due to the same properties,it is used in various cleansers and lip balms.the antioxidants in mint leaves help maintain the skin's natural freshness,and dry ugly skin is also contains a large amount of salicylic acid,its eliminates acne,blemishes and even to Use mint to stay healthy,the benefits of mint are explained below.

Use mint to stay healthy

Amazing benefits of mint

To remove blemishes on the face, grind in mint vinegar and use it as a lotion.
Mint strengthens the stomach.
Opens menstrual cramps and releases urine.
In case of the sting of a poisonous animal,apply a mint coat on the affected area,it removes the poison,remember it is not a cure for snake or scorpion bites.
Mint removes mucus and prevents vomiting and nausea.
Chewing plant leaves is useful in toothache.
mint increases appetite and digests food.
Drying and burning mint and rubbing its ashes on the gums strengthens the gums.
Mint is useful in diarrhea.
Useful for abdominal pain,hiccups and bloating.
Where fresh mint is kept,flies do not come,therefore fresh mint should be kept in the kitchen.
Mint sauce with pomegranate seeds is very tasty.
In jaundice,rubbing mint twice a day is helpful.
Drinking mint leaf water for two weeks clears the complexion.
Mint is used to make food fragrant and delicious.
In case of abdominal pain or dysentery due to indigestion,boiling mint in fresh water and feeding it cures the disease.
By extracting green mint water and dripping it on the wounds of the nose, ears and other parts,insects and germs are killed.
mint oil is used in the treatment of perfumes to relieve stress and to calm the mind.

A few precautions in the use of mint

Excessive use of mint is harmful to the intestines.
Never use mint for those who have intestinal diseases.

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