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Why do hair fall out? And how can they be prevented from falling?

Why do hair fall out? And how can they be prevented from falling?

Every human being who suffers from problems like hair loss.he wants a solution but does not know how it will all happen.there are a number of issues that can lead to hair loss. It is normal to lose 60 to 100 hairs in a day but more hair loss needs your attention.In this case you should contact your doctor so that the cause can be ascertained and appropriate treatment can be prescribed.

Types of hair loss

Hair loss is a common problem today and there are many types of hair loss.let us tell you a little more about it.


It is a major cause of baldness in men.It can also be inherited. In most people, this condition appears after 30 years.genetically, the problem can be passed on from one parent to another. In this type, the hair first falls out on both sides of the head and gradually spreads to the forehead and beyond. as a result, many people go completely bald.

Why do hair fall out? And how can they be prevented from falling?

Women's hair loss

Women's hair loss is a bit different.this type of hair loss is also hereditary and is often caused by hormonal changes. two-thirds of women are affected by hair loss, and very few women are immune until the age of 60. In women, bumps can form on different parts of the head.

Why do hair fall out?

Hair loss can be caused by a slight interruption in hair growth and often the problem goes away on its own and the hair returns in a healthy way. but there are cases in which hair loss can also be caused by an illness. why does hair fall out? below we tell you the some reason.

Changes in pregnancy hormones
Thyroid irregularities
Heart disease
High blood pressure
Diagnosis of hair loss

It is helpful to contact and consult a skin specialist in this regard. It is very important to have an accurate diagnosis to determine the causes of hair loss, which can only be done by qualified skin specialists.

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