37 Benefits of Eating Guava Amrood And 8 Natural Home Remedies

Rich in various organic and natural benefits, guava ( amrood,famous asian name) should be an integral part of our daily diet. In this article we have mentioned in detail 37 benefits of eating guava and 8 natural home remedies. there are two types of it, one is white on the inside and the other is red. the color of its raw fruit is green and ripe is yellow and white and fragrant. when it tastes raw, it has a dull and ripe sweet and pleasant taste. its temper is colder in the first degree.

37 Benefits of Eating Guava Amrood And 8 Natural Home Remedies

37 Benefits Of Eating Guava (Amrood)

The following are some of the benefits of this vitamin C-rich fruit. 

Prevention Of Cancer

Its vitamin C, lycopene, and other ingredients act as antioxidants that reduce the levels of harmful substances in the body, which prevents the growth of cancerous cells. 

Improves Digestion

It strengthens the digestive system.It contains a lot of dietary fiber and its singlefruit provides 12% of the daily requirement of fiber to the body which is very beneficial for the digestive system, its seeds also help to relieve constipation. 

Better For Diabetics

Being rich in fiber,it prevents diabetes from growing and regulates blood sugar levels. 

Make The Heart-Healthy

Eating it improves the balance of salt or sodium and potassium in the body which helps in controlling blood pressure. This fruit also lowers the levels of cholesterol and other elements that are harmful to health which lead to heart disease.

Craving Guava During Pregnancy

This fruit contains folic acid which is recommended for use by pregnant women. they should make this fruit part of their diet. 

Reduce Toothache

It also has anti-inflammatory properties and as an antiseptic, it fights infections and kills germs, so eating it is a good home remedy for toothache.

Reduce Stress

The magnesium in it calms the muscles and nerves, so eating it after a day's work calms the muscles, reduces mental stress, and increases physical energy. 

Brain Fruit

Its fruit also contains vitamins B3 and B6 which improve blood supply to the brain and stimulate mental functions as well as calm the nerves. 

Obesity Protection

If you want to lose body weight, start eating it, so that you do not have to reduce the protein, vitamins, and fiber in your diet which is present in this fruit while it also improves metabolism and yes Eating it also makes you feel full sooner. 

Guava Benefits For Skin

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and antioxidants such as carotene and lycopene protect the skin from wrinkles, meaning a fruit keeps wrinkles away for a long time every day.

37 Benefits of Eating Guava Amrood And 8 Natural Home Remedies


It strengthens the heart and relieves anxiety. 

Its use increases appetite. 

It is extremely useful in colds and hemorrhoids. 

Its seeds kill stomach worms. 

Rubbing its leaves and feeding it cures dysentery. 

Its floral paste is extremely useful for eye inflammation. 

In addition to vitamins A and C, it contains calcium, iron, and phosphorus, which are important for improving human health.

By boiling its bark, it cures all the diseases of the gums. 

It eliminates dryness of the brain and keeps it hollow. 

Rubbing its leaves on the burnt area eliminates irritation and blisters do not form. Frequent use gives quick relief.

Its use softens the body and cleanses the blood. 

Rubbing its leaves and drinking it removes the early stones of the stomach. 

The support of its dry leaves dries the wounds. 

Its use lowers blood pressure.

It is good for bladder diseases. It reduces inflammation. 

Eating it reduces the intensity of thirst. 

It is very good for the stomach, It is the enemy of stomach acid. 

Its use is useful in many stomach ailments. 

It is also digestible and helps digest other foods. 

Its use cleanses the intestines. 

Liver functions are improved by eating it. 

Complaints of the watery mouth at night are also cured by its use. 

Its seeds release toxins stored in the intestines. 

It breaks down kidney stones.

37 Benefits of Eating Guava Amrood And 8 Natural Home Remedies

8 Natural Home Remedies

(1) If the leaves are rubbed and boiled and gargled with, then there is benefit in toothache.

(2) For gastrointestinal weakness, one kg of raw guavas should be cooked in one and a half kg of water till they are melted. then squeeze the water well into the cloth. then mix half a kilo of sugar in this water and make syrup. drinking two tablespoons of it mixed in a glass of water is very useful for stomach weakness.

(3) To prevent colds, boil its soft nipples with a sieve of flour and then mix it with a little sugar and drink it.

(4) If you feel dizzy, take one towel of its fresh leaves, boil them in a kilo of water and then sift them. and mixing a little salt in this water and drinking it relieves cough and cold.

(5) It is useful to eat it mixed with celery to eliminate mucus.

(6) Combining it with celery cures dizziness and dark circles under the eyes.

(7) To relieve chronic constipation, it is useful to half a kilo of its fruit, to add with black pepper and salt, and eat it for breakfast.

(8) To relieve swelling of the mouth, it is useful to boil its leaves in a cup of water and gargle.

37 Benefits of Eating Guava Amrood And 8 Natural Home Remedies


Eating too much of it creates gas in the stomach.

It is better to drink water one hour after eating it.

In the rainy season, it contains insects, so use it carefully.

Eat its fruit always good and clean.

Using it before meals cause constipation.

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