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7 Amazing Types of Fish Their-Nutrition-Effects

7 Amazing Types of Fish Their-Nutrition-Effects

An introduction

When it comes to using fish as a 'daily food', the idea of bangladeshi cuisine comes to mind, but it should not be because nutritious fish is not just important enough to be a staple of bangladeshi cuisine. fish is a natural food that is essential for people of all ages. fish meat and oil are very useful for human health such as heart disease Leicester will, weight gain, depression, cancer, pregnancy, eye problems, skin, wounds and many other diseases, its oil is very useful. This is because the omega in its oil is very useful in heart disease. according to a study by the American Heart Association, fish can greatly reduce the rate of heart disease. fish oil is very useful in losing weight. It also helps in preventing various seasonal diseases like fever, cold, whooping cough, etc. according to research by the Natural Science Program, its oil can also be used to treat AIDS. Eating it once or twice a week is very good for health and people who do not eat fish can get omega 3 fats by eating walnuts, soybeans, or lassi seeds or their oil. It is generally believed that this fat protects the heart. It is a very important food for human health. It contains ingredients that are not found in any other meat, for example, iodine, which is very important for human health. Lack of it can upset the balance of the body's glandular system, the thyroid gland, a major gland in the throat, can cause many disorders in the body system. 

Fish nutrition facts and health benefits

It contains nutrients such as protein, iodine, selenium, and zinc. most of the vitamin D and vitamin B12 found in it compared to other daily foods are essential for bone and mental health, But the most important thing is the presence of omega 3fatty acids. omega-3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fats, which are found in all cells. these fatty acids reduce inflammation and blood pressure in the body and lead to good cholesterol. experts say that cold-water fish, especially tuna, salmon, and other greasy fish are rich in omega-3 acids which are very beneficial for various organs of the human body besides brain and heart diseases.

7 Amazing Types of Fish Their-Nutrition-Effects


According to a study by the University of SouthAustralia, fish oil contains ingredients that can help you lose weight during exercise, as well as with exercise if added to your daily diet.It's easier said than done. according to research from Oxford University in england, fish oil can significantly reduce the rate of heart disease in diabetics.Treatment of various symptoms of ulcers such as heartburn, chest pain, loss of appetite, etc. is very beneficial for pregnant women.this oil helps in the development of the eyes and brain in the mother's womb.It helps in weight loss and other problems in the unborn child. 

Useful in solution

according to a survey conducted in denmark, the problem of premature birth is more prevalent in pregnant women who do not use fish oil, as well as mothers who do not use this oil have the problem of depression immediately after birth. It has also been observed that in the last days of pregnancy, a large part of the mother's brain is transferred to the baby's brain, which causes the mother to feel depressed and weak after the birth.

A report published in the Journal of the American MedicalAssociation, which included 50,000 women who did not initially have heart disease. After observing their data for 16 years, it was concluded that women ate fish at least once a week. They were 30 percent less likely to have a heart attack than women who ate fish once a month for more than a month.
It reduces blood clotting and reduces thickening. Its effect is similar to that of aspirin, the oil reduces the narrowing of the arteries that have become narrowed due to high cholesterol.

Prevents heart attack and stroke

Heart attack and stroke are the two most common causes of death in the world .medical experts recognize the presence of omega-3 fatty acids in fish as an important means of improving heart health.

Protects against mental illness

With age, brain function begins to decline, leading to serious illnesses such as Alzheimer's. Many observations show that overuse reduces the risk of mental illness. depression is a well-known disease. Lack of energy causes life to focus on other activities.

A treasure trove of vitamin D

vitamin D deficiency affects the proper functioning of the human body, but most people are still deficient in vitamin D.an estimated 113 grams of cooked salmon meet 100% of the vitamin D requirement recommended by experts.

Eat fish and sleep well

Problems like sleep disorders are common all over the world but regular consumption of fish can also help you get rid of sleep problems. research has shown that using salmon 3 times a week helps improve sleep and improves function.

Some amazing Types of fish

There are many kinds of fish on this earth. There are many types. It is estimated that more than 21,000 species have been discovered. we will mention below some of the fish with strange traits

Electric L

The Electric L is capable of delivering a 600-volt electric shock to the enemy in self-defense. This fish, found in South American waters, is also known as the knife fish.

Archer Fish

The banded archer fish is found in brackish water and is also called a predatory fish because it draws sharp water out of its mouth to target its prey.

Star Geyser Fish

The hooks of this fish, called star geysers, are highly venomous and they hide their prey in the sand.

Stone Fish

It is also called the stone fish and is one of the most poisonous fish in the world - it can hide very cleverly. 

Puffer fish

You'll be amazed at the puffer fish's abilities - this fish changes shape when it senses danger by filling its stomach with water while releasing such toxic substances from its body. which protects him from being 

Angler fish

The angler fish is called a fishing fish and its method of hunting is also very strange this fish catches its prey through Elysium. Elysium is a small rod attached to the head of a fish that glows brightly and looks attractive to small fish. Small fish become prey as they approach victimized. 

Wiper fish

The teeth of the viper fish are very sharp while the size of the mouth is very large. This fish is found in the depths of the sea and is considered dangerous because of its sharp teeth.

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