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how to recognize pure honey- very easy steps

how to recognize pure honey- very easy steps

Many types of honey are easily available in the market.But how do we recognize which one is the real honey? We will summarize the experiences of experts below. This will make it easier for you to reap the benefits of real honey.

first step

(1) Take a glass of water and put a spoonful of honey in it. If the honey is pure, it will not dissolve in water. If it is not pure, it will dissolve in water.

second method

(2) You need a lighter and a candle to test the honey.Dip one end of a cotton ball into honey. And then try to set it on fire with a lighter. If this candle burns, consider it pure.

check by absorbent paper

(3) Drop a few drops of honey on the absorbent paper, if this paper absorbs the drops it means it is not pure.If you do not have absorbent paper, you can use a white cloth for this.Put a few drops of honey on this cloth and then wash the cloth. If there is a stain on the clothes, it means that the honey is not pure.

honey check by finger

(4)Take the honey in your fingers and rub it lightly.If it sticks to the fingers, it means that it is fake and if it does not stick, it means that it is real.

shake the jar

(5) It is naturally thick.Shake the jar. If the honey takes a while to move from one side of the jar to the other, it means that it is real, while the artificial honey is very light and can easily move from one side to the other.

by sniffing

(6) Since it is made from flowers, it has a floral scent. Heat and cool it several times.Doing this will make a difference in the scent of real honey.While imitation has no fragrance.

check with fire

(7) Apply it on the tip of the match bag and then burn it.If the honey is real, the bag will burn.But if it is fake then the bag will not burn because real honey never removes moisturizer and due to removing moisturizer of fake honey the bag will get wet and will not burn.

how to recognize pure honey- very easy steps

(8) Natural honey is thinner and more matte than artificial honey and pollen particles are visible on the surface of the honey.

check with vinegar

(9) Take a little honey and mix it in water, then add four or five drops of vinegar in this solution. If honey turns into foam, it is mixed.

how to recognize pure honey- very easy steps

(10) Take a spoonful of honey and drop it down from the spoon.Honey that has a lot of water in it will fall off quickly. Good quality honey will fall out of the spoon very slowly.

check with iodine

(11) Mix a little honey and water and then add a few drops of iodine.If the solution turns blue, starch or flour is added.

some other ways

(12) Put a drop of honey on the paper.If the honey spreads on the paper or makes the paper wet, it is not pure.

(13) Dip the bee in honey and take it out.If it is blown away, it is real.

(14) Spread honey on the paper and draw lines on it with a pencil,If not spread, it is real.

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