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Turmeric:101 Proven Health Benefits ,Uses,Properties-Cautions

Turmeric:101 Proven Health Benefits ,Uses,Properties-Cautions


It used for thousands of years in asia, it is now used in coffee shops around the world in a drink called 'Golden Latte'.many such messages have now gone viral on social media, claiming that turmeric improves the body's immune system against diseases. It is generally considered hot and dry. its evergreen plant grows well in areas of southern india where rainfall is high or the soil is shady. the plant is one meter high and its leaves are fifty to one hundred and twenty milli meters long and thirty-eight to forty-five milli meters wide and elliptical. and their front end is pointed.

Each culture has its own spices and herbs which are no less nutritious than any other natural food, it is one of them.  


In case of moisture, the leaves are cut and separated, its stems are thoroughly cleaned and boiled in water for one hour. after boiling the goons in water, they are dried in the sun for a week to dry the goons. after that, the goons are cleaned and mustard oil is applied and the grains are roasted in the roasting kilns for ten to fifteen minutes. In this way, these lumps dry in two days. the next step is to polish it. dried goons are put in such drums for polishing. In which small knives are attached and rotated. It peels off the top of the goons and makes it look shiny and beautiful. It is then packed in sacks and delivered to a clean, well-ventilated room. so that it will not be bad.

Turmeric:101 Proven Health Benefits ,Uses,Properties-Cautions


It improves blood flow in the body. It is a natural blood thinner.In addition to cancer, health experts also say that it is useful in joint pain.Turmeric is an excellent disinfectant, a natural remedy for wound healing.It is a natural antiseptic.It has antiviral and anti fungal properties. It is therefore beneficial in infectious diseases and is therefore used externally and internally in injury, pain, and inflammation.It contains vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, potassium, calcium, magnesium, protein, and zinc.

Uses and Benefits

It is used not only in food and medicine but also in the preparation of cakes, sweets and fruit juices, and many other items. It was later used as a medicine, and in the beginning, it was only used as a color. and in some places, it was used as a substitute for saffron. 

It cleanses the liver

What we usually eat, especially in today's world, is often exposed to chemicals, pesticides, and other contaminants and its toxic effects accumulate in the body system, including the liver and kidneys, which can lead to various diseases. However, its use eliminates these effects and cleanses the liver, and keeps it healthy. 

Use it for skin care

It is great for cleansing dead skin cells and helps to give the skin a youthful glow. Mix it in milk or yogurt and mix it well and apply it on the face or any part of the body. massage it gently on the face and then leave it to dry. 

Infection protection

It is a powerful antioxidant and antiseptic spice that prevents various infections such as e. coli which causes infections, stomach upset, cholera, and other problems. 

Weight loss

its spice can definitely benefit the dieting effort. one study found that its use reduced the growth of adipose tissue in mice, leading to weight loss. excessive consumption of it prevents inflammation which leads to obesity and also speeds up the absorption of fats. 

Possibility to reduce joint pain

The polyphenols in it are an antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory properties, various medical research reports have shown that it has the ability to reduce joint pain, stiffness, and swelling. People suffering from arthritis can be cured by using turmeric powder on the advice of a doctor. 

Make the mood pleasant

It is useful against physical inflammation and this inflammation also plays an important role in depression. a few years ago, a study revealed that when people with menstruation were given 500 mg daily for eight weeks, it had a pleasant effect on their mood. a recent study found that it is a very effective spice to reduce thesymptoms of depression. 

Control blood sugar 

One study found that its use helps lower and control blood glucose or blood sugar levels, especially in people with type 2 diabetes, whose blood sugar levels remain stable, putting them at risk for other complications of diabetes while rare, such as nervous system shocks, this spice can protect against diabetes, but scientists have stressed the need for even more research. 

Reduce the risk of Alzheimer's

A University of California study found that its use could help reduce the risk of alzheimer disease by improving memory and mood in middle age. Research has shown that the yellow compound found in it, or curcumin has the potential to reduce brain inflammation, which can lead to diseases such as alzheimer's disease and depression.

Increase your chances of avoiding cancer

It is an anti-inflammatory spice and according to an animal study, controlling inflammation can slow down the growth of cancer but can also prevent cancer and yes make the process of chemotherapy more effective. 

Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease

Diseases of the blood vessels such as heart attack and stroke are the leading causes of death worldwide, one of the few major causes of heart disease is inflammation of the body and it is an anti-inflammatory spice. Its spice can protect against arterial diseases which reduces stroke and heart diseases. 

Preventing aging

It is an antioxidant spice that prevents the growth of harmful substances in the body and prevents the degeneration of aging by damaging the cells. It promotes the growth of new cells, which helps to counteract the effects of aging. 

Reduce unwanted facial hair

It is very important for women and it helps in preventing the growth of unnecessary facial hair. For this purpose, mix 1/4 teaspoon in a teaspoon basin and add water to make a paste.Leave it on the face for20 minutes and then rinse with water. If this tip is made normal, a significant difference will be seen within a month.

Turmeric:101 Proven Health Benefits ,Uses,Properties-Cautions


It is now an important part of our diet and is being used to make food delicious.

It contains a lot of nutrients. potassium in it helps in controlling heart and blood pressure.

The iron in it increases the number of red blood cells. In addition to eliminating anemia, it also cleanses the blood.

Brushing your teeth daily with salt, turmeric, and mustard oil strengthens your teeth.

It helps in the digestion of food. It is a special medicine for relieving acidity.

It helps in weight loss by eliminating excess body fat.

Using it a few days before surgery reduces the risk of a heart attack during surgery by up to 60%.

It cleanses the liver, removes waste from it  which improves blood flow.

The amount of nutrients in 20 grams of turmeric is as follows

White Minai- 3.1 mg

vitamin k -13.4 micro grams

Carbohydrates -65 grams

Fiber- 21 grams

Fat-10 grams

Protein- 8 grams

Sodium- 38 mg

Potassium- 2.525 grams

Magnesium-193 mg

Calcium- 183 mg

Iron -41.45 mg

Phosphorus- 268 mg

Zinc- 4.35 mg

Manganese-7.8 mg


Inappropriate amounts can cause harm to people with hot and dry temperament.

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