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can you lose weight by using your brain/motivation

can you lose weight by using your brainmotivation

Why gain weight? Eat food on time
Do exercise and stay healthy Be accountable to yourself
Reduce obesity with water Always eat food slowly and chew well
Low consumption of soft drinks and alcohol Use lemons with food
Green tea eliminates obesity Use more vegetables
Go to bed early at night Avoid worries and be happy

can you lose weight by using your brain? If you are worried about your growing weight and are looking for a solution then this article is motivation for you. Most people are discouraged by the thought that they will have to go hungry to lose weight. But there is no such thing as you can gain weight fast without going hungry. For this you have to work with your endurance and determination. First of all, make a commitment and promise yourself that I have achieved the desired result in such a short period of time. Believe that when you have a firm intention in your heart, understand that you have won half the battle. And then follow my instructions and you will lose weight without going hungry.

Why gain weight?

First of all, it is important to know why gaining weight. Calories play an important role in gaining weight, it is important to look at how many calories you eat and how many you burn daily. For this, make a schedule of your diet, and make sure that your body does not accumulate too many calories. exclude sugar soft drinks and oils in your diet. Use more fresh fruits, vegetables and water.Always choose full of nutritious foods. Laziness is also the biggest cause of weight gain so try to control it. Below are some of the methods and reasons to read them carefully and try to take advantage of them.

can you lose weight by using your brainmotivation

Do exercise and stay healthy

In today's age of mechanization, life will be so busy that no one has time to little walk. Ever since we eliminated exercise from our lives, we have been plagued by a variety of diseases, with obesity topping the list. We eat and drink and fall asleep comfortably. I don't telling you stop eating and drinking but I say must exercise at the same time. If you can't do anything after every meal, you must walk at least 40 steps. If possible, get up early in the morning and do light exercise and then have breakfast and do your routine work. Exercise as much as you can one hour after dinner, even if you walk around your lawn. Make sure you don't even dream of losing weight until you make exercise a part of your life.

Reduce obesity with water

Use more water - Drink at least eight glasses of water a day, whether you are thirsty or not. But do not drink cold water, use lukewarm water. But remember,never drink water immediately after eating, Doing so can make your stomach grow and it causes many more diseases. It is best that try to drink water before eating. If you drink a glass of lukewarm water with a lemon Juice and a teaspoon of honey in the morning without eating anything, I guarantee you will be smart in a month. If you use water the way I told you to, you will lose weight very fast.

Low consumption of soft drinks and alcohol

Soft drinks and alcohol are the favorites of obesity.If you want to beat obesity, you have to reduce or eliminate their uses. Because these products contain artificial sweeteners and chemicals that increase the amount of sugar in the body.High sugar leads to obesity.

Green tea eliminates obesity

Consume more green tea than other beverages. It is also the enemy of obesity. It contains a substance called caffeine which is very useful in dissolving calories. Make it a habit to drink at least four cups of unsweetened tea a day. This will get you the results you want faster.so make green tea a part of your diet.

Go to bed early at night

Sleeping late at night is becoming a fashion these days. Sleep deprivation can lead to a variety of illnesses, including obesity. If you sleep for an hour, you burn more than fifty calories. If you sleep less, the amount of calories in the body will increase and you know the result. It is important for a healthy person to get seven to eight hours of sleep on time.

Eat food on time

Food should always be eaten at a certain time, eating at the wrong time is bad for health. Eating all the time impairs the digestive system and the body starts making extra fat. The right way to eat is to eat a little less than your appetite at a certain time. Eat but in moderation it is good for your health.

Be accountable to yourself

Take a picture of food with your smartphone whenever you eat. This picture will not be for anyone to show or for social media. You will see this picture in your spare time after eating and you will be held accountable yourself. You will see that what I ate is not harmful to me.This way you can lose weight using your brain.

Always eat food slowly and chew well

Always eat slowly and chew well as it will digest food faster and the body will not make extra fat. Remember body fat is always when it gets extra fat. The way you eat can reduce obesity.

Use lemons with food

Lemons are a great source of fat reduce, so be sure to use them with your every meal. To do this, use a green salad and sprinkle lemon water on the salad.

Use more vegetables

Excessive consumption of vegetables is very effective for weight loss. For this you can eat it as a green salad or lightly cooked. All kinds of vegetables can be eaten except potatoes and corn.
can you lose weight by using your brainmotivation

Avoid worries and be happy

Being overly anxious also affects the body's digestive system. As it starts to build up extra fat, get rid of the worries and learn to be happy. You may have noticed that obese people are mostly irritable and angry. This style separates them from the world and they become lonely.


You see, I haven't stopped you from eating or drinking too much, But I have told you some eating habits which will change your life. Just control some of your habits and make life a proper routine. Avoid foods that are not good for your health.If you do this you can only lose weight by using your brain.

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