when should i start planting seeds indoors-tips and advice

when should i start planting seeds indoors-tips and advice

I wil give you tips and advice on when should i start planting seeds indoors.Most of the friends ask that we also want to start kitchen gardening but I don't know what to do. Some friends collect earthen pots from somewhere and start working but nothing grows. Due to my experience, I would like to give some useful tips for you to start kitchen gardening.

Most of the friends put a lot of effort in the beginning, spend a lot of money, if there is a lawn in the house, it is left in half, the beauty disappears and the wife's shouts can be heard separately and then when something If it doesn't grow, the heart is broken. If there is no space for lawn, the whole house is filled with pots, pots are decorated up to the roofs and balconies, but the situation remains the same. My own opinion is that kitchen gardening The beginning should be done with very little work and it should be done very slowly so that you do not get tired and keep your heart. Planting in itself is a process that fills your heart with joy and prevents depression from approaching you.

when should i start planting seeds indoors-tips and advice

when should i start planting seeds indoors. So If you can get vegetables for free at home, you can save a reasonable amount.All you have to do is take five pots together, place them on the roof if not in the yard, take old wooden or plastic crates if not pots, mix soil and natural fertilizer and fill them.Now do this.Sprinkle the same dried coriander in one or two pots and lightly sprinkle a layer of soil on it. Mix three parts of soil and one part of fertilizer, your pots are ready. Give light water.

Mint roots are found in the market. Plant them in one or two pots, put garlic seeds in one and a half pots, bring one or two Chinese lemon plants from a nursery, plant them in two pots. Soon lemons start appearing in it. If you can find it, put lemon grass in a pot.Your small kitchen garden is ready.

In a couple of weeks, all these pots will be green, your heart will be happy and when the wife cooks curry with fresh coriander, she will definitely appreciate your performance and the next benefit will be that now she will give them water regularly. You can also add water and take care of it. You can add fenugreek, salad, coriander, mint, green chillies, spinach, garlic in these pots.

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