Lentl(masoor dal) health benefits

Lentl(masoor dal) health benefits

Its English name is Lentl and its scientific name is Lens Culinaris.It is a well-known lentil.It is widely cultivated.Its plant grows up to a mound. Almost everyone knows it. Under the United Nations, 2016 was named the world's most cooked dish "lentils", meaning 2016 was declared the year of lentils, with the aim of raising awareness about the nutritional value of pulses among people around the world.The protein found in pulses is a guarantee of good health.It meets the needs of low-cost people, so it has the status of meat for low-income families. In some parts of the world, it is considered a symbol of good luck. According to Italian tradition, the New Year is celebrated with lentils and sausage. Is. Because lentils are round like coins, they are seen as a symbol of wealth and sausage as a sign of success and prosperity. Similarly, in South America, lentils start the new year with rice and meat dishes. The effects of dal have also been found in ancient Egyptian tombs, meaning that dal was also placed in graves at burials. In the 18th century, Queen Maria of the French Emperor Louis VIII preferred dal to the royal table and called it the queen of dal Maybe this is the same lentil lentils that we call 'Queen lentils'. Lentils soften and soften the heart and reduce the discharge of water from the eyes. Not only lentils but all kinds of pulses are a cure for many diseases.


There are two types
1. Its grain is big and wide, the color is khaki on the outside, it is called Queen Masur
2. Its grain is slightly smaller.
Mussoorie's temperament is mild and second-class dry.


It has many benefits.First of all, those who eat it have a mild temperament. Eating it eliminates arrogance and pride from the human temperament.
Those who have tears in their eyes stop getting water.
It is slow to digest. If it is cooked with beet leaves, it improves the stomach.
Gargling with its decoction reduces diphtheria and sore throat.
It digests slowly and loses weight.
Enhances facial beauty.
Adding this flour to the abdomen and applying it on the face brightens the complexion, removes dark spots and freckles from the face.
For facial beauty, grind lentils, barley, peeled stone, baking soda and almonds and mix them together and mix 2 grams of powdered water at night and apply it on the face. Get up in the morning and wash your face with fresh water. And apply a little coconut oil on the face will look beautiful.
This lentil is nutritious. The ingredients are arranged in this way.

Moisture 12
Protein 25%
Carbohydrates 60%

In addition, it is rich in potassium and phosphorus, while iron, vitamins A, B and E are also found in it.
Even if it is eaten daily, its medical benefits are many. It softens and softens the heart and eliminates arrogance
It is an excellent source of iron and protein, which is important for cell growth. Including hair cells, it strengthens the hair follicles and meets the nutritional needs of the hair.
It is very useful in controlling high blood pressure and sugar levels. It helps to keep the heart healthy by lowering cholesterol and removes fat from the heart and surroundings, as well as has immense potential for weight loss.
The skin of those who eat it does not deteriorate, they look younger than their age. Due to its high value for vitamins, it strengthens bones and teeth.
It contains vitamins A, B and E, so they are also a great help in building texture.
If you want your face to shine all the time and not gain weight and keep the mood pleasant, then add lentils in your daily life.
We should always be thankful to our Lord that He has blessed us with innumerable blessings.

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