How to lose weight without skipping meals

How to lose weight without skipping meals

How to lose weight without skipping meals. This is a question that many people would like to know the answer to. Dr. Faisal Masood, a psychiatrist with extensive teaching experience in the field of medicine, says that each person's ability to absorb food or use calories varies. The beneficial germs found in the intestines of some people also make hidden calories for them.
"However, for the average person, it is true that if you exercise less than you eat, you will gain weight."
Something similar happened to Nawal Rizwan, a 24-year-old resident of Lahore. From an early age, they started eating junk food, such as burgers, pizza, fritters, samosas, and cold drinks.
"My weight increased from 70kg to 125kg, which I have brought to 115kg after exercising in the last six months," she says.
He has not had any health problems so far, but due to obesity, he must have faced social pressure and it also proved to be a motivation for him to lose weight.

How to lose weight without skipping meals, let's start, Today's recipe is for people who want to lose weight fast. Belly fat is gone which is not going away. The stomach is drooping. Which is not taking the name of being tight. It is very useful in the winter season. This prescription will quickly dissolve your excess fat and reduce your weight in a super-fast way.

This recipe is very easy to make and very easy to use. First, you put a cup and a half of water in a pan and put it on the stove. And put a spoonful of leaves in it. The leaves can be used to make tea at home. This leaf will help you lose weight. Make this coffee and drink it. You will never gain weight. You are already overweight and will lose weight very quickly. This coffee will speed up your digestion. This will increase your metabolism rate. And your body will lose fat very quickly

Also, add cardamom. If you have cardamom, add one, if small, add two. Add an inch piece of cinnamon. And add half a teaspoon of white cumin. Now mix all these ingredients well. Add two or three black paper. Or crush a little. If you want to put some mint leaves in it, add it. This will make it taste great. Now cook this water for four to five minutes. Then turn off the stove.

Now sift it into a cup and take it out. Then you squeeze the juice of half a lemon in it. And mix well. And drink this coffee with food. How often do you eat This is the only time you can drink this coffee. No harm done. In a week! It can easily lose two to three kilograms of weight. Must walk with it. And control your diet. Eat at home If you are overweight then skip rice etc. Drink this coffee and walk briskly for thirty to forty minutes daily. Keep drinking this coffee daily. And they can easily lose as much weight as they want.

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