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most profitable online businesses in 2022

most profitable online businesses in 2022

so if you've stumbled upon this article, there's a good chance you're looking at the most profitable online businesses ideas which you can start this year which will hopefully, make you a little bit of money
now I've been doing this for a number of years probably around about ten years making money online. so I wanted to share with you some of my favorite ways which I think you can make money with this year. 
let's jump into it and take a look at some of my favorite online businesses that you can start this year. Its most profitable internet business.

Affiliate marketing

so the first, one that I think that pretty much affiliate marketing now if you haven't heard about affiliate marketing. essentially what it is is being a kind of a person who recommends products and if they end up buying those products you can actually get a decent commission from it. so the best kind of example is the Amazon affiliate program is something that I've been in for around about six years and it's a fantastic program. if you're just getting started so take a bit think of it like this if you've got a phone or something like this and you can review it in that review you could actually send a link to Amazon and if anyone goes and buys it from Amazon, you're going to get the commission.

now I'll take a look I'll show you just here at my Amazon Associates kind of dashboard where you
can see that you can actually make a decent amount of money through the Amazon Associates Program .and this is just from last year, you can see that

last year in January I made nearly $10,000 I made 8,000 in February 10,000 again in March 8,000 in April. you can actually see that it's a pretty consistent kind of income that you can make every month.

now I do this through a YouTube channel so I have a YouTube channel about photography. and is that I generally will get a camera in. let's say it's a DSLR and it cost you know a thousand dollars. for example and I'll do a really good review about it. and I might compare it to other cameras. or I might do a tutorial and how to use

but once I am I've done that review. I'll put in the description box below a link to Amazon and if one clicks that link whatever they buy in the next 24

hours I'm actually gonna get a commission on so you might think .well it's just a camera okay well that's that much but it is whatever people buy in the next 24 hours so it's not just the camera it's if they also buy a camera strap or if they also buy a pair of shoes or if they also buy their groceries I'm
gonna get a commission on it. and how much is the Commission well it's around about four to eight percent so for cameras it's four percent for microphones it's seven percent for a TV it's two percent not that much. but if you think that the camera is a thousand dollars and you review it and someone ends up buying it four percent of a
thousand dollars is $40.00 and if you end up having you know three hundred.
camera reviews which I have on my channel you can see that you can make a decent amount of money there are other affiliate programs that I would
recommend you guys start.

Shopify affiliate program

with as well the Shopify affiliate program which is a website where you can create your own online store this has been a really successful and the most profitable online business for me this year as well I've been able to make a really good income.

from this passively .so if anyone signs up for that free trial I and then gets a paid plan which is around about you know twenty-nine dollars a month I make a commission and you can see that with the
affiliate programs the slope of income is actually pretty good. so you can see that I started out in November last year and made three hundred and five dollars. which isn't that bad you can see it's gradually built over and over just from doing these reviews and things like that. so in January, I made two thousand
dollars in February two thousand eight hundred March three thousand April three thousand six hundred. May four thousand it went down in June
but then it's gone back up in July August September and just in October. I've made five thousand dollars just off that affiliate program you can actually
see that these are the payouts. that I get through Shopify and it's every two weeks you know it's two and a half thousand dollars just from that one
affiliate program so if you let marketing is great and that's pretty much what this blog is about I teach you all about affiliate marketing. so if you're interested in it make sure to subscribe. hey, guys if you enjoyed this article make sure to leave a thumbs up because that's always appreciated now another business which I know is kind of done and a lot of people have done it before. talking about how to make money online. I'm talking about how to build a Shopify. the website I'm talking about is the best online business you're watching right now and I want to share with you that if you start a YouTube channel now you need to really focus on nature and you don't have to get that many views.

start a YouTube channel but you need to pick the right niche so another good business to start is selling. an information product that is essentially

selling an online course now you've probably been pitched an online course by many people lately, you know they might want to sell you from a YouTube channel or they might want to show you from a blog. and the reason why they're doing this is that?.

their most profitable online businesses in 2022 .so one that I wanted to share with you is a guy called kind of similar to me .but more on the real estate side and you can see that he has a number of different courses. so this one here is 473 dollars this one here's $387 with him for $1,200 but what I wanted to share with you is that it's really easy.

to create a course these days and if you're knowledgeable about anything I'd highly recommend creating a course even if you don't think that you're gonna be able to sell it. the reason for this is because once you get it up once you've made your videos it's pretty much. all profit in the end so you can see that he's created this course.

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