The civilized bandits of the Third World

The civilized bandits of the Third World

There is no shortage of good doctors in the Third World who can truly be called Messiahs who perform their duties faithfully, but there are also many black sheep who have practiced this sacred profession. The only source of income is made - today we will mention such disgusting people and their ways so that people can avoid their deception.

The doctors who run their businesses, both public and private, have contracts with most of the small and large medicine companies and receive huge benefits from them for prescribing their expensive medicines. Including cash commissions, household expenses, the full cost of the gasoline hospital, and even the expenses of their children's education and marriages - which these doctors receive by putting unnecessary robbery in the patient's pocket.

Most of these doctors prescribe medicine to the patient which is expensive and unnecessary for the patient. And the patient is forced to buy it without knowing it.

In addition, they charge a hefty commission to get patients to undergo unnecessary tests from their chosen laboratories. Commission happens

They take advantage of their experience and charge huge fees, and medicine companies see their reputation and patient rashly and make them their secret brand ambassadors.

Their method is to give the patient a prescription for medicine and either recommend it to their commission shop or ask the patient to take the medicine and get it checked. Therefore, whenever a doctor tells you such a thing, understand that he is a commission eater.

There have also been frequent cases where a doctor has taken a commission from an agreement with a company and later entered into a contract in the lure of more profit than anyone else. In one such incident, the company gave a doctor a full dowry for his daughter's wedding, but after taking the goods, the doctor started prescribing the medicine of another company, then the company took the truck to take back the goods. Arrived at her daughter's house. But it is not a shame for them. The greed for money has killed their conscience.

It is a profession in which there is no room for bar gangs at all. Everyone loves the life and health of themselves and their loved ones and people go to any lengths to save it - prosperous people can afford expensive treatment. - But it is very difficult for the poor to get expensive treatment. People are forced to get treatment even after selling their property to valuables, but these wolves in white clothes have no interest in anyone's compulsion or helplessness. Can give guidance - forced people have no solution.


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