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5 Easy Vegan Swaps to Make This World Vegan Day

5 Easy Vegan Swaps to Make This World Vegan Da

Thinking of going Vegan for World Vegan Day? Here are 5 easy swaps that you can start with.

World Vegan Day is coming up on the 1st November, which is the perfect opportunity for anyone who’s thought about going vegan, or who simply wants to be more eco-conscious, to make some vegan swaps in their life.

Veganism has been growing in popularity in the past couple of years as more people have learnt about some of the ethical, health and environmental benefits of switching to a plant-based lifestyle. Some studies have found that there’s been a 300% rise in veganism in the US alone between 2004 and 2019!

Going vegan all at once can be quite a hard task, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult! You don’t need to worry about going all-out straight away, instead you can start off by making a few easy swaps so you get used to it, then you can start making more swaps--you’ll quickly realise just how easy it really is to go vegan.

In this article, we’re going to be sharing some of the quickest--and easiest!--swaps that you can make to adopt a vegan lifestyle. We won’t just be covering changes to your diet, but we’ll also share some ways that you can transform your wardrobe and beauty routine to be plant-based.

Here are 5 easy vegan swaps that you can make this World Vegan Day:

1-Go meat-free

One of the most obvious changes that you could make in your lifestyle is to take meat out of your diet.

Don’t worry, noone expects you to completely get rid of meat straight away, you can start by having one day a week where you eat plant-based alternatives--like meat-free Mondays.

You’d be surprised at just how many meat substitutes there are at your local supermarket. From chicken, sausages, burgers and even chicken wings, there’s plenty of choice for even the biggest meat-eaters. Most of these products also taste almost identical, we don’t think you’d even be able to taste the difference!

Most of the meals that you normally eat can easily be switched to meat-free, so why don’t you give it a go for yourself this World Vegan Day--you might be shocked at how much you love the meat-free life.

Why not try making a spaghetti bolognese with vegan mince, or using a chicken substitute next time you make fajitas?

2-Use vegan makeup products

An often overlooked part of going vegan is checking your beauty products to see if they’re vegan--you might be shocked to find out that some are not!

Some of your makeup products may contain animal by-products or animal-derived ingredients like beeswax, honey, lanolin, carmine or collagen. 

Luckily for vegan makeup-lovers, lots of brands have now committed to going completely vegan, so you don’t have to worry about throwing out your whole makeup bag! Most products will be clearly labelled to say if they’re vegan, or you can have a double-check on your favourite makeup brand’s website. Most reputable brands will be very transparent about whether their products are vegan or not.

You can also look out for products that aren’t tested on animals, but remember this doesn’t necessarily mean that the products are vegan, it just means that no animals were harmed in the process of formulating the product.

3-Swap your milk for non-dairy alternatives

How many teas or coffee do you have a day? You could be making a big difference by just simply swapping your normal milk out for a non-dairy alternative--like oat, soya, almond or rice milk.

Not only is swapping to non-dairy milk good for the animals and for the environment, but it’s also much better for your health. Many people are lactose intolerant without even knowing it which can lead to bloating, cramps and nausea, so switching out regular milk will make your body a lot happier too!

The flavours can sometimes take a little bit of getting used to, but you may find that you prefer the taste of these alternatives over regular milk.

4-Stop buying leather

Another quick swap that you can make is committing to stop buying leather products. Leather is a material that’s made by tanning the skin of a cow, so it’s especially important to cut it out of your wardrobe if you’re committing to going vegan.

There are plenty of vegan leather materials that you can choose from instead that are just as durable and aesthetic as the real thing--just without having to kill an animal in the process.

The most common leather substitute is PVC, which is a synthetic material used widely in shoes, jackets and other garments and is mostly used for more inexpensive high street clothes. However, it is made from plastic so is not the most environmentally-friendly.

The other option is some of the biodegradable plant-based leathers that are being made from natural materials like pineapples, mushrooms and even corn! These are slightly pricier but are much closer to the real thing than PVC is.

5-Switch to an eco-friendly hair routine

The final tip that we have for you as a switch for World Vegan Day is changing up your hair care routine to be more eco-friendly, because who wouldn’t take care of the world while you take care of your hair?

Did you know that 46.4% of people say that it’s very important to them that their hair care products have recyclable packaging? This really goes to show that not only is it important for the ingredients to be vegan and eco-friendly, but also that all other aspects of the product are sustainable.

Like with makeup, many hair care brands have committed to making all of their products vegan so there’s a lot of choice to have. Vegan shampoos and conditioners are a much better product compared to non-plant-based products as they will improve the health and shine of your hair, without harming the environment.

We hope that those tips gave you some inspiration to make some easy vegan swaps in time for World Vegan Day--and remember,  you don’t need to do all of these all at once, just pick and choose the ones that will easily fit into your current routine and go from there!.

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