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breastfeeding mother behavior-benefits of mom milk

breastfeeding mother behavior-mom milk

The physical and mental development of the baby is greatly affected by the fact that he should be not breastfed according to the principles of nature. It is important to be aware of what nature has arranged for the baby's milk and what means are available to maintain this arrangement. Today we will explain the pure scientific medical and psychological principles of breastfeeding babies, And we will discuss the breastfeeding mother behavior, and also look what are the benefits of mom milk? So let's start talking.

Are breast milk is necessary?

Breast milk is a natural food for the baby and it is natural for the mother to breastfeed her baby. however, nature has provided a balanced diet for the baby as well as giving birth to it. If the woman is not pregnant and is not able to breastfeed the baby, then the glandular tissue in her breasts becomes less numb and silent. But in the last days of pregnancy, the hormones produced in a woman's body make the glandular tissues grow and make blood in them. The blood supply in them increases. After birth, the size of the glandular tissue increases further.

Benefits of Breastfeeding to a newborn baby

At first, the amount of milk is low but sucking the baby serves as a stimulus for the fate of the milk. In this way, along with the needs of the baby, the mother's milk is also increased in quantity. Breast milk is an ideal food for the baby, it is easily digested.

It contains all the nutrients that a baby needs to grow, The baby has a natural habit of sucking and this completes his every habit. Breastfed babies lose their appetite but do not get the required time to suck. They fill this gap by sucking their thumb. Breast milk maintains a reasonable temperature and reduces the risk of disease transmission Because it goes directly from mother to baby. And then the mother's milk for the first two weeks protects the baby from various diseases, After this time, the baby's natural defense system begins to work.

Are you afraid to breastfeed your babies?

Breastfeeding benefits the mother as much as it benefits the baby, so you don't have to worry. Breastfeeding causes the mother's uterine muscles to contract faster and return to normal. This is why some women experience severe pain in the lower abdomen while breastfeeding. In addition, when a mother breastfeeds, she gets immense spiritual happiness. she realizes that breastfeeding her baby is a blessing that no one else can give him.

Breastfeeding gives her health a new and wonderful comfort and the pleasure of a new experience. The baby should be given the opportunity to suck on both sides for one minute every six hours on the first day of birth, And the next day, four hours later, two minutes later.

Understand the feelings of the newborn baby

The baby feels more hungry than before the second time. Therefore, the interval between the first two meals should be three or four hours. The baby is usually breastfed when he is crying with hunger, And often due to some engagement, the baby is only given enough milk to make him sleep, But after a while, it starts crying again, this method is not right. Punctuality is good for both. some mothers prefer to sit and breastfeed and some lie-down. It is up to you to decide, but in both cases, you need to be careful that the baby has enough space to breathe.

Breastfeeding should not be done while lying down in the morning, because if the mother becomes drowsy, she may suffocate the baby with her arm or breast pressure in a state of intoxication and may cause her death.

What should do mothers who are afraid of breastfeeding?

The mother should be mentally happy before breastfeeding, If there is a spirit of self-sacrifice in a woman, then her beauty and radiance come more from it. She feels a new force running through her. those women who feel the burden of children that a result they are tired of breastfeeding. His temper flares up and his emotions go cold, There are also women who are already feeling inferior about their health and think that breastfeeding will ruin their health. This way they feel more vulnerable and weak. If they are suffering from mental illness then they should see a psychiatrist immediately.

What is the diet of breastfeeding mothers?

The mother should take special care of her diet while breastfeeding, Fish or meat butter cheese should be used in the days of pregnancy and lactation, It is important to drink an egg and a glass of milk every day, Drink plenty of water. The use of fish oil for Vitamin D will be beneficial, besides Vitamin A and D tablets will also help in maintaining health.

If the mother's diet is balanced, the baby will not feel the need for anything other than breast milk. Weaning depends on the health of the mother, the quantity of milk, and the health of the baby,

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