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How to possible newborn care-useful tips

newborn care

It is a well-known fact that of all the creatures that take over the universe, the human child is the one who needs the most love, hard work, and care. He has to live at the mercy of his parents for a long time. Conscious and educated parents are well aware of these basic requirements of the child. They know when and what their baby needs. They are also aware that the example of children is like the fragrant flowers in the courtyard whose fragrance keeps the whole house fragrant and fresh. Their fragile bodies wither in the slightest distress, which is why parents are so sensitive about their children's health, education, and other requirements and needs of their upbringing, and of course, they must be sensitive as children grow up. Like you can't tell others about your illness or discomfort. In this way, their pain is more worrying. Sensitive parents can't see the child in even the slightest distress and take him to the doctor immediately but there is no shortage of parents who are careless and careless about their children's affairs. They do not understand the critical and anxious situation of children. They do not realize that their message and carelessness can kill their child. Is coming! We tell you what are the situations in which it is very important to take newborn care,
 otherwise, in case of negligence, the life of the child may be at stake.

Something gets stuck in the baby,s windpipe

Sometimes food or anything else slips out of the baby's mouth and into the windpipe, making it difficult for the baby to breathe. This situation is very worrying for the child. Now the question is how the parents can guess the child's breathing Something is stuck in the windpipe, the sign of someone going to the windpipe is that Jay's breath is open. they stop breathing for a while. If a small piece of food gets stuck in the trachea, it comes out during a  cough, but if no pus comes out of the cough and the child develops redness or shortness of breath, It is more likely that water has been carried to the lungs in the respiratory tract. In these cases, it is imperative for the parents to take the child to the hospital without any delay. ۔ In this case, the child is anesthetized with a TRINK and his "respiratory tract" is examined. There is a device called "Brooks Coop". The baby's mouth is inserted into the trachea and the trapped peas are expelled,  Usually, these children, ranging in age from two to five years.

Eating toxic substances

Children have a habit of putting whatever they can get their hands into, so it is possible for them to take any medicine or substance that is poisonous. In addition to injuring their esophagus, it can also spread toxic effects in the stomach. Some parents try to reduce the effects through milking on such occasions. This method is absolutely wrong. Parents should take their children to the hospital immediately in this situation. Keep medicines and rusty objects out of the reach of children.

Severe abdominal pain

 It is not uncommon for children to have minor abdominal pains that go away with home remedies. But in some cases, children between the ages of four and fourteen suffer from inflammation of the intestines. This type of pain cannot be ignored. Parents usually begin to consider this pain as a normal pain which further leads to complications. Therefore, parents should take their child to the doctor immediately. In case of delay, the risk of spreading the letter of infection increases.

Hernia pain

 If the testicles of young boys become swollen then it should be understood that they are suffering from a hernia. Delaying in such a situation is tantamount to pushing the child into big trouble. Take the child to the doctor immediately and get him treated regularly.


Cholera cramps are very common in our children. The main reason for this is the presence of germs in food and water. If vomiting occurs during cholera, the body becomes severely dehydrated. In these cases, the baby urinates very little and turns yellow. The eyes sink inwards. Severe weakness surrounds the child. In these cases, it is very dangerous to keep it at home as most children die of cholera. In this case, take the baby to the doctor without a moment's delay.


newborn often have small burns in their homes with hot milk, tea, or water And most of them are treated with medicines or tips lying at home, but if the child gets more burns and blisters appear on the burnt area, then it is necessary to take the child to the doctor. Especially if 10% of the child's body is burnt, do not delay taking him to the hospital because he feels severe pain during this time. Ten percent is equal to one arm.

Bone fractures

In this way, newborn often run and fall and they also get minor injuries but this is not uncommon if a child falls in such a way that any of his bones are broken or hair falls in it then children Must be taken to the hospital. In case of fracture or hair loss, the affected area becomes inflamed and the child is unable to use this type of injured limb. If the child feels weak and pain, do not delay taking the child to the hospital if there are any such symptoms.

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